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During the actions days there will be in an infopoint in the city. Here you will be able to get information regarding the action days and the infrastructure provided. The infopoint can direct you towards actions, sleeping places, food and other facilities and a space to organise your own actions with your affinity group.

The infopoint will also run a telephone info line. This will distribute information about actions happening in the city to all those who signed up to the info line.

The infopoint will also work as a relay to the press for statements and press releases. Are you organising an action yourself and do you want to release a statement to the press? Just send it to the infopoint and they will forward it through a press list!

Location & Accessibility

The location of the infopoint is the housing complex “De Waterspin”, Spijkermakerstraat 116-140. Half way the Spijkermakerstraat you will find a blue gate, this allows you to enter the square and gardens of the housing complex.

From the gate on follow the arrows towards the infopoint.

The infopoint is wheelchair accessible and has toilets. If you have trouble finding the infopoint or have any other questions you can call the infonumber +31 (0)6 844 042 54

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