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COVID19 Information

Safety measures during the actiondays are important to stop the spread of the Sars-CoViD19. We are going be as sensible in our handling as possible, in solidarity with everyone.

Bring your own mask, please!!

-> It is better to bring two or three. if you sneeze or cough into your mask, change it to a new one and wash/desinfect your hands afterwards! Avoid touching it plus your face with your hands and also change or dispose your mask if it is too wet.

—> Masks are cool! With wearing a mask, you protect others. It is even better if everyone does!

Remember: It is called mondkapje, but your have to put it over mouth AND NOSE for it to be effective!

Disabilities are sometimes or mostly invisible. when you wear a mask, others feel safer and are in fact safer. do your actions in solidarity with those who cant or wont or don’t trust others. Not only, but also a lot of people deemed ‘risk group’ are being structurally discriminated against and get further forced to lock up at home because of the easing of the lockdown and the rise of new infections – because of too many people not minding dying.

ALSO Masks are a now very common and unquestioned facial cover, which is amazing for actions!
Gloves are also very recommended for actions!

At the InfoPoint

Please bring your own mask!
If you forgot yours we will have some at the infopoint.

People there will give you almost all the infos you need, and will be wearing gloves.

At the ActionDays

Black Masks and gloves are good for keeping unrecognized. we recommend taking another one that isn’t black for after the action.

Keep distance, more than recommendend. we all always get closer than we think during actions.

Keep at least 10x more distance to cops.

sleeping places

we’ll make sure that there is enough space for you at the sleeping spots.

Open windows and ventilation are always recommended.
Take care of yourself and others!

if you prefer not to mail us for sleeping places, we ‘ll do our best to arrange some last minute place for you!

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